Children and Play

Posted by Kristine Saps on


As a mother, I support play as an essential part of a great childhood. 

When children play, they develop their unique skills. Children learn through playing. Their life skills foundation is strengthened with play.

Children improve their problem-solving skills through games and puzzles. They understand size, texture, and shape through stacking blocks, playing sand, or simply having fun with their dolls.

Play cultivates children's creativity.  It is through playing that they discover the world around them. Like a baby realizing that as she shakes her rattle, a new sound will be produced.

It lets children communicate their understanding and express their emotions.

I encourage parents to provide their children with time for physical play. Provide toys that will stimulate their imagination.

More importantly, aside from giving them the great playtime experience and advantageous toys, our children need our quality time.  They need our love, example, discipline, and guidance.  

Let us play with them, have fun! Let’s get into their world.

If we desire to understand our child, we need to understand their play.